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About Us

Catalysis began in early 2015 with a friendship and partnership between Tyree Lawrence, Greg Silker and their associates.

Greg and Tyree quickly recognized common bonds: their shared faith in God, their love for entrepreneurism and their strong belief in the gifts and potential of people found in unexpected places.

They both felt the need to re-envision the way we look at youth who are sometimes referred to as “at-risk” or “underprivileged.” In response, they coined the term “undiscovered talent” to re-define how we should approach these young people who are generally aged 14-28.

As they shared the Catalysis vision, Tyree and Greg found a strong desire among business leaders to get involved and make a difference – not just write a check. As a result of these early conversations, Catalysis was born as a for-profit business.

The for-profit model was chosen over a 501c3 to reinforce our message that Catalysis youth represent real potential; talent with the ability to create profit.

We invite you to discover our undiscovered talent and do business in a way that is profitable for us all.

Tyree Lawrance


Tyree’s life experience comes from humble beginnings. He was raised by a godly grandmother, became a student body president in high school and achieved a full ride scholarship to Iowa State.

He first studied medicine, but switched to business. After college he worked for two fortune 500 companies.

Tyree is now self-employed and has launched the LVY Foundation and the META-MORPH life training experience to help young, at-risk men and women find their best future.

Tyree and his wife Maysy have four children.

Greg Silker


Greg makes his living as a marine and outdoor photographer/filmmaker as owner of Silker Photo & Film.

A spiritual awakening in college gave him a passion to see every person, particularly those from challenging backgrounds, get the chance to use their gifts to serve others and make a living.

Greg and his wife started the fraternity/sorority Kappa Pi Alpha and Bordertown Coffee as part of their life mission to mobilize people in their God-given callings.

Greg and his wife Barbara have four children.


Are you ready to use your business experience for good? Let us help make the connection.

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