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About This Project

Participant Description:

Avery Matthews was a young artist looking for financial backing to record his music. Avery had already shown significant initiative and a good response from fans, including being asked to open for many popular performers.


We asked Avery to prepare a business plan that included a budget and a marketing plan that projected a return on our investment.

He was also encouraged to consider ways to support himself while pursuing his music career.

The Shark Tank:  

We funded Avery with an initial amount and the possibility of more funding based on his results.

Why we Funded Avery:  

We funded Avery because he gave us confidence with his clear and reasonable approach to business and marketing, a solid presentation, and his openness to outside input.

Avery’s Results:  

Avery continues to move forward with his music career. He is also committed to contributing back to young entrepreneurs by helping to produce future shark tank events.

Shark Tank
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