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About This Project

Partner Description:  

Latitude’s warehouse services major retailers like Foot Locker, Petco and Champs with in-store displays.

Partner Need:

Latitude’s warehouse manages approximately 30,000 SKUs. They process 10-12 shipments per day to locations in the US and abroad. Latitude needed a flexible labor force to meet seasonal demands.

The Benefits Latitudes Warehouse Received by Utilizing Catalysis Youth:

Catalysis youth picked up the systems and goals quickly. They were able to work independently on many projects allowing management to focus on other priorities.


Latitude was bidding on the design, print and management of a major Foot Locker program. The program includes ~500 graphics and takes a significant amount of space to maintain.

Catalysis youth structured an effective inventory management system. This allowed Latitude to process new store openings in a quarter of the time of the old system. Latitude won the bid and now hold a great revenue generating contract.


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