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About This Project

Partner Description:

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Walmart, and Sam’s Club

Partner Need: 

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, Walmart, and Sam’s Club were overwhelmed with orders. They needed reliable crews to deliver and install products such as exercise equipment, basketball hoops, and yard sheds.

The Benefits Our Partners Received by Utilizing Catalysis Youth:

Tyree Lawrence formed Trifecta Source and hand-picked youth crews to meet the need.

The Retail partners had their products delivered and assembled on-time making their customers happy.

A win-win deal for everyone.


The customer said that “the service technician was amazing.” He has had tons of people drop things off before and stated, “[this technician] was by far the best.”

What We Learned:

Trifecta learned to focus on thorough training, building close relationships with partners and maintaining a small number of crews.

This has led to great customer responses and trust from their retail partners.

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